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David Mark Decherd is a licensed Florida insurance agent focused on providing clients with the finest health and life insurance products on the market.


His story starts in Montreal, Canada where he was born. Before long, his family moved to Buffalo, New York where he grew up and worked in the family business. In the early 1970s, he moved to southwest Florida where he's lived ever since with his wife and teenager.


From a young age, Decherd developed a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, he's been a business owner his whole professional life. Decherd is the founder of Dryout, a successful, nationwide water damage restoration company.


He sold Dryout in 2011, and started the next chapter of his career: insurance sales. After studying for and earning his Florida insurance license, he took an appointment with American Income Life.


The more he learned about insurance, the more it resonated with him. Insurance sales is the career his previous experiences have been leading him to. As a business owner and family man, Decherd knew firsthand the challenges his clients face when trying to obtain life and health insurance. His goal is to bring peace of mind by matching clients with the right insurance products for their unique needs.


Decherd kept running into Aflac, and found their concept both intriguing and refreshing. In 2015, his choice was made: he would join an industry leader. He was off and running, earning numerous awards and, most importantly, helping his clients.





David M Decherd




Because for my personality, the working directly with others on  creating and nourishing  within them the great success, advancement and growth-really excites me. When they win, I feel great. To have this opportunity to advance my career by advancing others is a dream come true. To see someone light up like a Christmas tree is more satisfying than almost anything else I can think of  and to get paid for it, well it just doesn’t get better than that. So why leadership, because it turns me on to turn them on.







I expect support and guidance and I expect to be corrected. I tend to be a very creative out of the box thinker, and if their is a better way, I want you to tell me how. I want consistency and the truth always. If I screw up tell me, but don’t let me keep swimming in the wrong direction.

I expect room to grow,  I expect you to be clear with me and laugh with me when it's funny and cry with me when it hurts, I want to know in my heart that you have enough lifeboats for us all.

And most of all what I really want, what I really expect is to always , always  be proud of you.




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