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 Aflac awards David Mark Decherd Silver Star in the Triple Crown. The Silver Star Award gives recognition to second-year producers who produce $75,000 gross annualized premium during their 53rd–78th weeks (first 26 weeks of the second year) from the contest start week.

At Aflac, there are rewards that honor leadership and rewards that honor consistency. The Triple Crown award honors your heart. As a new agent, we know the challenges you face. Triple Crown honors those new associates who have the desire, will and grit to succeed. 

  • Aflac Agent Mark Decherd Wins Aflac's Fast Start Award Mark Decherd, a Florida life insurance agent, was recently awarded Aflac's Fast Start Award. This award is issued to sales associates for outstanding sales performance.

  • David Mark Decherd, a Florida insurance agent selling Aflac, has received Aflac's Fireball Award. This award is issued to Aflac agents who have earned 50,000 qualification points in their first 13 weeks with Aflac, which is no small feat according to Mike Tomlinson, senior vice president and director of sales at Aflac.

  • David Decherd Promoted to Coordinator In Training with AFLAC

    David Decherd, a former sales agent with Aflac Central Florida, has been promoted to Coordinator in Training, CIT out of the AFLAC Estero Florida office. David Decherd has been with Aflac for 5 months during which time he has excelled in helping his fellow agents.  Because of  this team building attitude the CIT promotion was a natural fit.  In Addition Decherd has achieved Fast Start, Super Fast Start, Fireball and Super Fireball series awards, has sold in excess of $50,000.00 in gross annualized premium and won the coveted convention cruise.  “I’m delighted to be with such a great company;  with the opportunity to advance.” The CIT position entails  responsibility for leadership regarding new field agent training and sales, Decherd will report to his District Sales Coordinator, Jamie Hartt. Aflac is a market leader in supplemental Insurance helping people survive the financial hurdles associated with injury and illness.

  • DAVID DECHERD November 17, 2015 Congratulations on your Super Fireball AwardCongratulations. You set your goal, started strong and qualified for Aflac's Super Fireball Award. I hope you take great pride in your achievements during this first 26 weeks of your Aflac career.I want to personally thank you for the time and effort reflected in this award. It's no easy task to earn 95,000 qualifying points and keep a no-pay rate of 13 percent or less. As a reward, you will receive a Super Fireball awards plate to place on our Fireball/Star Series awards plaque as well as $600 in bonus cash. Aflac allows you to track all rewards you receive through the "My Awards" link found on your Duck Gear page.If you need assistance or have questions.  You've come a long way, and I encourage you to continue to strive for success and become one of our All-Stars. Best wishes in the weeks ahead.

  • An amazing Aflac employee

  • 11/25/2015 Dear Aflac,I felt an obligation to write a short letter to inform you that one of your agents is not only a stellar employee, but also an amazing person.His name is David (Mark) Decherd, and from the moment I first met with him, he was warm, non-pressuring and reassuring. Shortly after learning that I had malignant melanoma, his kindness and reassuring ways continued. I felt both shocked and somewhat lost in the typical sea of paperwork, phone calls, and insurance questions most people experience with any major diagnosis and surgery.

  • Mr. Decherd, or Mark as I refer to him… was not only helpful, calm and caring… but he quickly became a person that anyone would be proud to call a friend. Mark confided that his wife had gone through similar circumstances with cancer, and therefore so did his entire family. He also told me on more than one occasion to not even think of him as simply an agent, offering me to call his cell at any time, day or night, no matter what I needed. On a few occasions I did just that, and Mark was always there, whether it was a simple text after hours, or even a lengthy conversation. I cannot explain how comforting it is to know that someone is there for you with experience on both sides of the patient insurance fence when you are in need, but Mark is exactly that; and this is a quality that no amount of money or efficiency in a company can ever replace.Thanks to Mark, my initial and on-going fight with cancer was far smoother than I could ever imagine, because I always felt like I had someone there in my corner, at my beckon call if I needed him, at all times. So I wanted to let you know, as much as I value Aflac and your commitment to pay your policyholders almost immediately… it is people like David (Mark) Decherd that truly create the love your company.


  • Because of this man, I will forever be an ambassador for Aflac!

  • Sincerely,

  • John Lemonakis Aflac Policy Holder

  • You've kept up the pace and earned a place among Aflac's top new associates

    Congratulations on your Fireball Triple Crown Award! You've pushed hard, and the Fireball series finish line is in sight. Keep working with your coaches and stay focused on meeting your weekly goals – and you'll be able to join that elite group of associates who have earned the All-Star Award.

    In the past 39 weeks, you've written a whopping $80,000 in annualized premium and kept your no-pay rates down. As a reward, you'll receive a Triple Crown awards plate to place on your Fireball/Star Series awards plaque. 


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